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"We want to encourage community and sharing of knowledge.."

Together, our network of contributors work hard to provide relevant and valuable content for We divide our content into categories such as Applications by Packaging Industry, Test Standards & Methods, and so on to make it easy to find the content relevant to you.  Each category features interesting and informative content such as author perspectives on current trends or innovations, white papers, case studies, research studies, and articles that address key issues and advances within the field of barrier permeation analysis and package integrity.


We encourage our readers and contributors to share their thoughts or lead discussions in the comment sections concerning technical and business issues, or new trends and innovations. We believe each person has a unique viewpoint and their insight is instrumental in collectively solving critical industry challenges.

"Your Go-To Resource for Packaging Industry Insights, News & Knowledge." is an online collaborative resource center for packaging professionals who work with barrier materials and package integrity testing in food, pharmaceutical, medical device, consumer products, electronics, renewable energy industries, and all other industries.  Hosting objective advice and know-how, brings colleagues in the packaging world together to discuss the latest and greatest technical developments within the packaging industry.


Experts contribute useful information and valuable resources, which become a catalyst for insightful discussion.  Every packaging professional can benefit from this dynamic and focused peer-to-peer digital network. disseminates knowledge and fosters innovation; it does not push branded products or services. There are no fees or obligations to participate in the community. All that’s required is your passion for accurate package integrity analysis and desire to share tried and true experience and expertise. is great opportunity to boost your professional profile and connect with other thought leaders in the packaging industry. Knowledge is power. Connect with us now! is powered by AMETEK MOCON.

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What is Package Integrity or Package Integrity Testing & Why Does it Matter?

"Package integrity testing has been acknowledged to
be an important tool for ensuring the safety of package
systems and the products they protect."

Package Integrity is simply put, a barrier to physical, microbiological or chemical challenges.


Package integrity is a sub‐ category of quality and usually includes the testing of leak, seal strength, burst, permeability of the barrier (for light, oxygen, water vapor), and visual inspections or in summary, should really include whole package testing.


Packaging experiences a number of potentially damaging forces from production until it lands on the shelf. This means that it is vital to test your package in real-world conditions to ensure a package with the highest integrity.

Package integrity testing, either by itself or as an adjunct to other traditional testing methods, is helping designers, brand owners, and manufacturers deliver safe products both quickly and cost-effectively. It even helps to extend shelf life in most instances, giving you the precise data required to ensure you don't under or over package which ensures you the best shelf life possible.

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