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In order to maintain an atmosphere of respect for all users, we ask that everyone treat each other with respect and follow these simple Terms when commenting. Individuals who do not follow the Terms may be blocked from posting (but we have a great community so we don’t expect this to happen much at all!). We do monitor user-generated content as we choose and reserve the right to remove or reject a posting or comment for any reason at any time.



  • Be You - To participate in the blog comments users must use their real name


  • Contribute to the conversation – We encourage you to use the comment section to discuss the article or express your view on the topic. Disagree with a statement or think something was left out? That’s okay; different points of view are welcome.


  • Be Social This is an online community and comment sections are social in nature so feel free to interact with other commenters and start a dialogue – just keep it clean, relevant and kind.


  • Keep it clean and respectful – We do not allow comments that attack an individual or organization. Inappropriate or offensive language, personal attacks, or sharing of any confidential or false information are not permitted and are subject to deletion and/or the user may be blocked from commenting indefinitely.


  • No Spam - Comments considered Spam or include profanity will automatically be deleted.


  • No Links or Advertising - Comments that promote, advertise, include commercial material or links to commercial websites will be deleted.


  • Read the Contributor Terms & Conditions for guidelines on being a guest contributor


For more information see our F.A.Q. Page or Tips for Writing a Great Guest Post

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