We receive many great submissions from our community but some we are unable to accept.

To give yourself an edge, consider these tips:


  •  Write for your audience - Address their needs, fears, challenges, burning questions, pain points. Our audience contains professionals that have various roles throughout the packaging industry but you would have a better idea of the audience interested in your specific content.

  • Capture your audience quickly – Use a thought-provoking question, story, fact, etc. in the first paragraph to capture their attention.

  • Ensure you have a main message and make it clear to the reader - Edit your intro so that the point of your post is incredibly clear. (Simple and to the point is best!)

  • Be prescriptive - Don’t just tell readers to do something. Explain how & why.

  • Tell a story – Whether writing about a new technology or sharing your perspective on an issue. Cover who, what, when, where, how, and why. Include examples, details, and metrics.

  • Self-promotion – Material should not sound like a sales pitch - Please avoid promoting your product or company in your post. Your contributor bio page is a good place to do that. Please include these links with your submission.

  • Stand out, be original – Choose a topic we haven’t featured on the site before or if we have, find a new angle we haven’t covered. Or give your own unique perspective on a topic or technology.

  • Engage Readers - Make it only as long as it needs to be to engage and enrich readers (no longer) - We don’t have a required word count. The content is much more important to us than word count.

  • Explain technical words – If using technical terms or acronyms not everyone may know explain them.

  • Don’t be pretentious – Keep it simple - use words that best convey your idea and can be understood by the layman.

  • Give credit - Check your facts and quotations. Cite your sources.


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