All thanks to many meal delivery services and restaurants, we can enjoy delicious food right in the comfort of our homes.

But, when food comes in poor packaging design, it ruins the entire experience.

Let’s look closely at why right food packaging is necessary to improve food quality while helping a b...

"Packaging can be a theatre, it can create a story.” - Steve Jobs What is the first thing a customer notices when shopping for a product? Yeah, it is packaging.

The current market has become more complex. Consumers want to have engagement and experience. Owning the ultimate relationship with customers is now the only way to build a sustainable business for brands. The insights on consumers trend and behavioral data are the engine of new growth.

Studying the permeability characteristics of different polymer materials (homogeneous and heterogeneous polymer systems) to different packaging gases, in different environmental condition, is crucial to understand if the selected material is adapted to the chosen food contact field.

Most plastic capsules are not biodegradable. When they are dumped into landfills,  without the hope of bio-degradable, it poses a big challenge to the ecosystem. Now, the search of greener (Bio-based and/or biodegradable) compostable capsules is a hot initiative around the world. Will they stand up...

"To ensure food and food contact products are safe for consumers, many countries are joining the initiative to update existing regulations, create new regulations, and ensure enforcement. Understanding these regulations and keeping up with how they change is essential for maintaining market acc...

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