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Sr. Applications Specialist, AMETEK MOCON


Georgia Gu is a Senior Global Application Specialist for AMETEK MOCON.  Prior to that position, Georgia had worked over 20 years for MOCON as a Senior Scientist and International Application Specialist.   Georgia holds BS and MS degrees in Chemistry from Fudan University, Shanghai, China, also holds an M.S. degree in Packaging Science from Michigan State University.  She is an active member of ASTM, IoPP, and TAPPI.


Over 20 years Georgia has worked on numerous packaging related projects for various industries and government, provided consulting services and developed special testing methodologies for solving packaging problems and special needs.  With a high degree of technical expertise and extensive knowledge of Permeation instrument applications, Georgia’s current role provides global support for MOCON customers and Salesforce.  She provided many seminars, webinars and special training for audiences in the US and overseas.  Her specialties are packaging material selection, shelf life study, food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, electronics packaging, permeation testing, etc.  

Contact Information

7500 Mendelssohn Ave. N

Minneapolis, MN 55428


Phone: (763) 493-7272  I  Email:


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