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Jordan MacAvoy 

Vice President of Marketing, Reciprocity Labs


Jordan MacAvoy is the Vice President of Marketing at Reciprocity Labs  and manages the company’s go-to-market strategy and execution. Prior to joining Reciprocity, Mr. MacAvoy served in executive roles at Fundbox, a Forbes Next Billion Dollar Company, and Intuit, via their acquisition of the SaaS marketing and communications solution, Demandforce.

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Reciprocity Labs

Jordan MacAvo

Twitter: JordanMacAvoy


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Most packaging risks are quite easy to spot. For instance, the risk of mislabeling your products is rather obvious to identify and mitigate. Identifying such risks will be as easy as brainstorming them with the rest of your workforce, and creating a list.


For the less-than-obvious risks, such as mistakes in branding your packages, it might pay to approach risk identification through other methods. Click to continue reading.

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