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Regulatory Compliance Specialist at Intertek’s Health, Environmental, & Regulatory Services Group


Kimberly Sheehy is a Regulatory Compliance Specialist in Intertek’s Health, Environmental, & Regulatory Services group. She began her career as a researcher in Biological Chemistry and Protein Engineering at the University of Chicago where her research was published in high-ranking scientific journals. Kim holds a MS in biochemistry from Northern Illinois University.

Kim joined Intertek in 2015 as a Project Manager where she was responsible for client projects in chemical safety and regulatory compliance of food contact materials and consumer products. During this time, she implemented the team’s first seminar on Global Food Contact Chemical Safety & Regulatory Compliance. Kim continues to speak at the annual seminar as well as providing customized trainings and seminars to clients. With extensive knowledge of global food contact regulatory requirements, Kim’s current role includes leading the development of the food contact business for the Chemical Management Team and assisting clients with global strategic regulatory compliance.

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Human Factors  Lab/Dock 1

545 E. Algonquin Road

Arlington Heights, IL 60005



Phone:       +1 (630) 481-3143


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Understanding global food contact regulations and keeping up with how they change is essential for maintaining market access for food contact products. In this article, we will provide global food contact regulation developments and news relevant to food packaging industries.

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