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Director of Strategic Marketing , AMETEK MOCON


Phillip Tan is the Director of Strategic Marketing at AMETEK MOCON.  He received his Bachelor’s and Doctorate Degrees in Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry, both from the University of Toronto in Canada.

He has over 20 years of experience in the development, testing, and application of analytical instruments; and has worked in the instruments manufacturing business for over 17 years.  His product experiences include working with mass spectrometry, laser particle counting, chromatography detection, facility monitoring software systems, and handheld/portable analzyers using LIBS/RAMAN spectroscopy.  He has also collaborated with measurement standards suppliers and standards governing bodies to ensure the consistency of critical-to-quality industrial measurements.  He has served as an ISO Technical Committee Expert for industrial monitoring tools and has co-authored 10 peer-reviewed journal articles, 4 patents and 2 international standards.  He currently oversees AMETEK MOCON’s Permeation Instruments and Package Testing product-lines. 

Contact Information


7500 Mendelssohn Ave. N

Minneapolis, MN 55428


Phone: (763) 493-7228  I  Email:


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