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Chantler Packages


Roy Ferguson is the CEO of Chantler Packages. Roy started his career in the packaging business in 1970 with Consolidated Bathurst Packaging, a fully integrated pulp and paper company.

In 1977, Roy was asked to take over the family business, Chantler Packaging Inc. and turned it into a fully integrated manufacturer of flexible packaging.  Chantler's hallmark has always been innovation, whether introducing injection molding machines into Canada, becoming the largest manufacturer of flower sleeves and a leader in the field. Roy accomplished 34 products extensions, some patented, including PrimePro® the MAP film that extends the shelf life of fresh fruit and vegetables, reducing waste and saving 10s of millions of dollars for the packer shipper, retailer as well as the consumer.  

In July of 2017 Roy launched a joint venture with a company called Packages Limited of Pakistan, a leading manufacturer of packaging in the region.  It is now one 4 facilities in 4 different countries producing a wide range of food packaging supplying Nestle, P&G, Weston Bakeries as well as many others.  


In September of 2017 Roy was made the recipient of a Life Time Achievement Award by the Canadian Plastics Industry Association.

Contact Information

Chantler Packages

880 Lakeshore Road East,

Mississauga, Ont., L5E 1E1



Phone: (905) 274-2654 x224  I  Mobile: (647) 282-2654





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