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Recent Tech Innovations in Wine Packaging


It’s no secret that emerging technologies have disrupted industries of all kinds, including food and beverages. This is true not only in their manufacturing but also in their packaging. The wine industry, in particular, is not exempt from these developments as there is now a high demand for new and innovative packing tech. Today’s wine packaging addresses consumer, societal, and environmental needs – while still retaining the product’s intended quality. Designing packaging for wine can be a very technical process. Aside from form and aesthetics, the function of these plays an equal role of importance. In some ways, it resembles designing for testability with circuit boards. As printed circuit boards are what allow devices to run efficiently, packaging is what keeps the wine fresh and helps it retain its taste. The back-end of production – what consumers don’t see – is what becomes integral in the overall product. A lot of it has to do with thinking and planning ahead – you need to consider which materials will ensure maximum freshness and protection, while also thinking about the flexibility and rigidity of its container. Designing for testability and functionality ensures that resources are not wasted. This can be aided by tech innovations as well. Here are some recent tech innovations in wine packaging:

Augmented Reality (AR) Labels

In line with the movement to go paperless, many wine manufacturers have started to utilize the technologies people are already familiar with in place of standard labels. In scanning QR codes, buyers can have access to all the information they want to know about the wine they are purchasing. This also allows for a more immersive brand experience – which in turn, could boost sales. Even a brief message enabled by AR can make customers more curious and willing to engage in more narratives when buying that particular brand of wine. It’s a balance of practical information and an exciting entertainment experience.

Double-Layered Insulated Wine Bottles

German startup Cooleo came up with double-layered wine bottles in the pursuit of creating a modern and functional wine bottle which will prolong customers’ pleasure in enjoying the product. It promotes sustainability as it can be reused and upcycled for other purposes once the wine has been consumed. Through the insulated packaging, customers can enjoy their wine at a stable temperature. This also prevents the need for extra ice buckets and trips to the refrigerator to keep the wine chilled.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

New shapes of wine bottles made with recycled materials are also being explored. Flat designs made with 100% post-consumer recycled PET have now been considered, which could significantly cut down on carbon emissions. This reduces resources and costs associated with shipping and avoids possible breakage during the delivery process. Garçon Wines, the company that has championed this type of packaging, claims that they also use technology which reduces the oxygen that goes into the bottles. This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to changing the traditional wine packaging that’s been around for centuries. As new technologies will continue to emerge alongside the changing needs of society, we can expect even more innovations in the coming years.


Article exclusively written for by Jena Bryton

To learn more about Jena visit her Contributor Page.


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