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News & Trends: A New Way Florists Are Keeping Flowers Fresher for Longer


Georgia didn't realized that May 20 could be a special day in China. During the dinner out with coworkers when travelling in Guangzhou, Georgia received a fresh rose from the restaurant owner. Actually every lady guest got a flower that night. Because "520", the digital number of of May 20, the pronunciation is similar as I Love You in Chinese. So, the new trend of 5.20 is another day showing love in addition to 2.14 or Valentine's Day.

Due to the increased flower business in China, flower wholesale owners are seeking better ways to get a longer shelf life, so the flowers could be shipped by land instead of by air to cut down on cost.

Now more flower wholesalers are looking to the Dansensor MAP Gas Mixers to better control the package atmosphere in order to extend the shelf life. It can fill the mother bag of flowers with preset ratio of N2/CO2/O2 mixed gas. An example would be N2 90%, O2 3-5%, CO2 3-5%, depending on flower types.

This can delay flowers from blossoming too fast and giving additional 5-7 days of life and allowing for land shipping. It also helps the wholesalers save on costs by allowing them to mix the gases themselves instead of buying expensive pre-mixed gases.

We are glad to see Dansensor MAP Mixers can help owners provide more affordable flowers to reach more ladies around the world. Cheers!

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